Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Amazon found another use of its core assets

Reuters reported today about Amazon’s plans to expand into online advertising. The publication says that is running ads on sites owned directly by it -, and Later the article says that when someone visits a site Amazon data may help identify the person as a resident of a particular state who recently bought a specific product, like diapers, from an Amazon website. The display ad that pops up would adjust in real time to promote baby products.

Weeks ago there was another publication but about Visa and Mastercard. Using what they know about people's credit-card purchases for targeting them with ads online. They disclosed plans to link people's Internet lives with shopping activities in an attempt to profit by selling access to the insights they gather about people with every credit-card transaction.

And not last Orange UK – in 2009 it acquired the online ad company Unanimies to boost income from the booming UK advertising market.

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