Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Where will be Google growing?

Today Gigaom is reporting about Google’s last innovation: Google glasses - “network-connected pair of spectacles with a camera and a display that could record images and video of one’s surroundings and display information from elsewhere on a tiny screen”.
A colleague of mine just made a joke saying “Wonderful. You walk on the street, you see a girl and you even don’t need to ask her name or phone number. Google will google her and tell you name, phone number, recent Facebook posts..”. As of now Google is not going that far but this scenario, no doubt, will come into existence any time soon.
Let’s think why is Google doing this.
  1. Obviously – glasses will cost money, as much as a smartphone costs
  2. Get ahead of competitors such as bing, yandex, baidu etc.
  3. Engage people and make them stick to its services
All these three reasons are relevant but I think that we need to look for the real reason in the visionary thinking of Google. Things are changing – in the future physical interactions with computers will be limited. Type and watch a display experience will be replaced by input methods such as voice, body gestures, thoughts, movements of head etc. Knowing that in the future people will be seeing and interacting less with screens, now Google is investing in the future. I can imagine wearing Google glasses walking on the street having a look at the Opera and seeing ads for tickets. Moreover Google’s advertising revenues were attacked by companies such amazon, visa, facebook etc. realizing that in the future it will lose part of its traditional advertising revenues it is obvious that now Google is searching for a new way to compensate for the loss – digital offline advertising.

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